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Installing e107!
Jeff6o6, Tuesday 05 July 2011 - 19:28:05

How to install e107!

what is e107?, It's simple e107 is a content
management system written in PHP and using the popular open source MySQL database system for content storage. It's completely free, totally
customizable and in constant development. and can be found Here download and extract to your desktop.

So what all do I need?, all you need is the e107 files
found at the location above and a Webhost who supports
PHP and MySQL database and if you can try to find one who offers
Cpanel as the management system, a FTP client
and that's really all you need, if you need a webhost check
out my hosting by clicking Here,
or if you can't afford paid hosting try using a free host like
000webhost. so lets get started!

Now for this tutorial I'm going be using Cpanel but other
management system who offer PHP and MySQL work about the same as
Cpanel, and a FTP client called FileZilla click
Here to download it.

When you sign up for webhosting you will be assigned a Username and Password, remember to also keep that information handy
at all times when editing/updating the content of your website, and if a webhost
offers Cpanel it can normally be find at this address,

Cpanel home page.


In the next steps the images are small click them to enlarge them.

Step 1: Making the MySQL Database.

Once loged into Cpanel using your Username and Passwordgiving by your Webhost scroll down and find the Databases tab,
it will look
like This and find MySQL® Databases, open MySQL® Databases and find where it says Create New Database.

and add one like this
Create Databaseonce it's created then add a username and password to it like so
Add username and Passwordafter you have finished this its now time to add the user to the database like
Add useronce the user has been added you will be directed to another page called Manage
User Privileges.

and its done like so
User Privilegesnow click Make Changes and your all set on adding the database! now at the top
of Cpanel click on the home icon
and you can log out of Cpanel.

Step 2: FTP Client



Now in this step go to the top and find file then go to Site Managerafter that go click on New Site and rename it to whatever you want.

in the general area you are going to fill it out like this.
Site ManagerHost: is your domain, and the Username and Password are the
same as your Cpanel information once connected go open your e107folder you extracted to your desktop and find the public_html folder and
open that in your FTP client like this
public_htmlonce its open highlight all folders and files from the e107 folder and
drag and drop them inside your public_html folder like so
Drag and Dropnow right click on the name of your domain and click Process Queue that
will start the upload
Process Queue

once all files have successfully uploaded you will see this
Successfully Uploaded

Step 3: Configuring the website

We are almost done!!!, go to http://www.domain.com/install.phpfollow the on screen directions and you are good to go!

If you need help filling out the info images are below.

database connections:
Filling out Infoif everything passes then finish filling out the rest and you should see what
looks like this.


and your done!!!! you now have a e107 website enjoy!

Getting someone to install this is very costly and its so simple to do.

So can I get a thank you??

Because I just saved you a few hundred bucks!

TimmyGriffin 02 Sep : 05:23

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Jeff6o6 02 Sep : 09:41

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Thank you for your concern Timmy, But we do have a monthly newsletter that is sent out every month.

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